Monthly Archives: April, 2013

First Steering Group of FWW in Kent & Medway confirmed

At the FWW session on 15th March, it was decided by every person present, that there was a definite need and willingness to join up and do something across the county.  We discussed what we wanted to do and how we should move forward; and that was in the form of a Steering Group.

Potential members of the group have been approached and a time and place has been set!  The draft agenda is as follows:

1. ToR for group (to inc membership of steering group and set of required working groups, and the key purpose of the group etc)

2.  Working groups (discussion of various ideas/future plans/current projects etc)

– marketing/PR

– research

– education

3. Next steps for group

– Joint HLF project?  Who to lead?  How to start?

– Facebook and Twitter?  Part of HLF project or something we should do anyway?

– Shared calendar (not for public at this stage) and/or blog: – who to manage?

4. Keeping in touch

– who is going to keep the rest of the contact list informed of progress?  What do we want them to provide/support?

– meetings – do we meet phsically or just via email from now on unless otherwise required (this can be covered in the ToR discussion)

We are always on the look out for willing volunteers to become part of the group, so please contact if you are interested.  We will be keeping everyone on the FWW contacts list updated with plans and progress.