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La Boisselle on TV!

I have had the following email from the La Boiselle Study Group that I thought you may all be interested in:

“The Somme: Secret Tunnel Wars” will be broadcast at 9pm on BBC Four on Monday 20 May 2013. Written and presented by Peter Barton, the film follows the team as we explore the hidden labyrinth of the tunnel system at the Glory Hole, La Boisselle.

Even if you miss it on Monday the film will be shown on a number of occasions throughout the week and will be on the BBC iPlayer. More details including a gallery of images and three short videos can be found on the BBC’s dedicated page:

We will add some galleries of images to the La Boisselle Study Group website over the weekend in time for Monday:

Useful tips and hints from UoK

The Univesity of Kent have put together a few useful guidelines for Museums and Heritage organisations who are doing or thinking of doing things for the First World War Centenary. You can download a copy of them below:

U o K Guidelines for Museums WW1

2014 Real Poppy Campaign

The 2014 Real Poppy Campaign – is a simple campaign to encourage people to plant real poppies to commemorate the Centenary. We aim to ‘float’ our campaign throughout Kent County early in 2014. This will be a silent and fittingly poignant reminder to all who see them.

The read poppy campaign wants to know:

Could your project (or any other projects you are involved with) make appropriate use of FREE Poppy Seeds?

If so, could you somehow involve the younger generation (schools/youth groups etc)  in the planting of the seeds locally?

If so, could you somehow help to educate the younger generation about the First World War?

Please reply via email – or by post to


Royal British Legion Greenhithe

London Road Greenhithe

Kent DA9 9EJ

IWM Marketing Meeting

Just back from a very helpful meeting aboard HMS Belfast for the IWM Marketing Meeting. Lots of useful points to take away, I have written up some notes so feel free to read them here. Hope they make sense!

Main points to take away from the meeting:

  • Join Culture24 (if not already a member)
  • Add all WW1 Centenary events to your page here and ‘tag’ it First World War Celebrations
  • events listed on here will be distributed to the official IWM site, the Telegraph, Culture24, grans net, BBC and many more. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS!! If you are having problems with the site, contact the people at Culture24 and they will help you through the process
  • Ensure information up to date on centenary partnership site
  • IWM will be putting lots of marketing help on the partnership extranet
  • It doesn’t matter what you call the First World War/WW1/The Great War but they suggest for social media purposes to use WW1 and for things linked to IWM partnership work use First World War
  • Remember as partners with IWM you can use the FWW logo – so use it!

Government/Country are officially commemorating the following:

  •  4th August 1914: War Declared
  • 25th April 2015: Gallipoli
  • 31 May 1 June 2016: Jutland
  • 1st July 2016: Somme
  • 2017: paschendale
  • 2018: Armistice day

Click here for the detailed notes: Iwm meeting at the Belfast

We also got given a list of contacts of various different people from around the country involved in WW1 commemorations – I won’t put this online for obvious reasons but feel free to get in contact if you want to find out more.

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IWM & brightsolid create ‘Lives of the First World War’

IWM & brightsolid partner to create digital platform
Lives of the First World War

IWM (Imperial War Museums) and brightsolid, the online publishing and technology arm of publishing
group DC Thomson, are working in partnership to create Lives of the First World War – an innovative
and interactive digital platform to mark the First World War Centenary.

Lives of the First World War will hold the stories of over 8 million men and women who served in
uniform and worked on the home front. It will be the official place for communities across the world to
connect, explore, reveal and share even more about these people’s lives.


Education Working Group – first meeting

The first meeting of the Education Working Group will be taking place on Friday 10th May at Maidstone Museum.  Anyone who is interested in developing school resources is welcome to attend.

Please contact Lyn Palmer is you would like to join us:

Below is a summary of the agenda (or see:

First World War in Kent & Medway

Education Working Group Friday 10th May 2013

at Maidstone Museum

Actions from initial Steering Group meeting

  • Education steering group to be set up
  • Maidstone museum happy to host in May date tbc
  • Email with time and date to be sent out to email list from first meeting inviting education people to it
  • Also to ensure someone from Medway is there to represent their schools


1. Sharing of information

If anyone has consulted with schools and teachers in the last year please can you share your findings – what do schools want from us in relation to the FWW?

2. Primary Schools

Discuss the idea of creating a children’s degree in the First World War via Kent Children’s University for KS1&2. 

3. Secondary Schools

Details of UoK’s project (developed with Simon Langton Girls School) and how museums can get involved.

4. AHRC funding available for co-ordinated joined up programmes

Discussion around what the funding is and what it could cover.

5. Education Group Lead

Appoint an Education Working Group lead (to follow up on actions, make contacts, share details, and post on FWW blog).

Europeana Project

Follow the below link to find out more about the exciting Europeana Project. You can register as a Museum and post WW1 items from your collection on here:

Here are some we posted from the Royal Engineers Museum to give you an idea of how it works:

IWM Updates

Latest News from IWM:

There is a call out from Josie Gale for Museums and Heritage organisations to complete their survey on: What are your plans for the Centenary? This needs to be completed asap:

Follow the link to the survey:

There is also a small bit on their website about the Football and Peace project:

University of Kent Education Project

Here is the link to the Educational Project put together by University of Kent for the Simon Langton schools in Canterbury.

Minutes from FWW Steering Group 1st Meeting

Hello all,

Please fine the link below to the minutes from the last Steering Group Meeting. Next Steering Group Friday 5th July 2pm at the Royal Engineers Museum