IWM Marketing Meeting

Just back from a very helpful meeting aboard HMS Belfast for the IWM Marketing Meeting. Lots of useful points to take away, I have written up some notes so feel free to read them here. Hope they make sense!

Main points to take away from the meeting:

  • Join Culture24 (if not already a member)
  • Add all WW1 Centenary events to your page here and ‘tag’ it First World War Celebrations
  • events listed on here will be distributed to the official IWM 1914.org site, the Telegraph, Culture24, grans net, BBC and many more. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS!! If you are having problems with the site, contact the people at Culture24 and they will help you through the process
  • Ensure information up to date on 1914.org centenary partnership site
  • IWM will be putting lots of marketing help on the partnership extranet
  • It doesn’t matter what you call the First World War/WW1/The Great War but they suggest for social media purposes to use WW1 and for things linked to IWM partnership work use First World War
  • Remember as partners with IWM you can use the FWW logo – so use it!

Government/Country are officially commemorating the following:

  •  4th August 1914: War Declared
  • 25th April 2015: Gallipoli
  • 31 May 1 June 2016: Jutland
  • 1st July 2016: Somme
  • 2017: paschendale
  • 2018: Armistice day

Click here for the detailed notes: Iwm meeting at the Belfast

We also got given a list of contacts of various different people from around the country involved in WW1 commemorations – I won’t put this online for obvious reasons but feel free to get in contact if you want to find out more.

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