‘Frontline Kent & the Spitfire Coast’ and ‘FWW in Kent & Medway’ groups join forces

On Wednesday 22nd May, I attended the second meeting of ‘Frontline Kent and the Spitfire Coast’, a group that had come together around the same time as we held the big networking meeting in March.

The Frontline Kent group formed to look at all areas of Kent’s frontline and defense heritage, of which FWW plays an important part.  The group consists of members such as Visit Kent, Kent County Council, the KM Group, War & Peace Revival,  the Royal British Legion, to name a few.

It was a good meeting (read the minutes here) and there were very many cross-overs and similarities to the discussions we had in March.   I suggested that our two groups unite to form a ‘super group’.  This was agreed to by all members of Frontline Kent, and so I would like to welcome everyone to the new, bigger and better group, simply titled ‘Frontline Kent’ – its aim:

To share knowledge, information, skills and learning, and to capture and create a joint events calendar that displays all activities throughout 2014-19 (not just FWW commemorations).

Members of the Frontline Kent group will be joining the planned Steering Group meeting on 5th July to meet some of our members; this will be the fist joint meeting of the new combined group, and hopefully, the first of many useful partnerships.


2 responses

  1. How do we join this?
    The 2014 Real Poppy Campaign

    1. Hi Graham,

      Just email me (sarah.corn@brighton-hove.gov.uk) with some details about the The Real Poppy Campaign, your plans for the Centenary, and what you’d like to get involved with as part of the group, and I’ll add you to the mailing list.


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