New FWW mailing list launched

At the last Steering Group meeting it was agreed that a shared mailing list should be created and as a result, I have now created a GoogleGroup.  This will replace the previous method of communication whereby messages came direct via myself and needed to be forwarded to the appropriate person – hopefully this new way will enable you all to keep in touch with each other directly.

How to contact all members?

If you have already expressed an interest in the Frontline Kent / FWW Kent & Medway group in recent months and have kindly provided me with your email address, then you will automatically be added as a member on GoogleGroups.

All you need to do if you want to send a message to everyone is email: (when you email the group, your personal email will be shown in the ‘from’ field).

How do new members sign up?

To join the group, simply follow this link (!forum/fwwkentmedway/join) and submit your email address.  You will shortly receive a confirmation email, and just need to follow the ‘Join this Group’ button.  This will take you to a confirmation page that tells you your subscription has been accepted.

If you are a new member, why not send us an email to introduce yourself and let us know how you would like to support the group’s work; or flag up some ideas, projects or potential partnerships you’d like to get involved with.

How to unsubscribe?

If you would prefer not to be included in this group and would like to unsubscribe, email:

We’d really like to see the GoogleGroup actively used to have the conversations that we don’t have time for when at the meetings.

So get chatting; start contacting your fellow members with queries such as ‘we are doing X and we really need Y to help it along, which we think Z can do. Z, are you up for it?’

And don’t forget, we are always on the look out for useful information and updates to be added to the blog, so please send me ( any information you have.


4 responses

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  2. Hi, My name is Peter Anderson
    i am a 1WW Historian.
    it is a bit like AA, anyway, published, given tours of the Western Front, talks here, scotland and in the USA. have a collection of relics, which step Short borrow now and then.
    and an archive of books, newspapers, histories, various other things. some very rare, some pretty common.
    If the archive was on a single shelf, the shelf would be over 120ft long.
    i have been studying the Great War for Fifty years, the first site I can remember visiting was Outram Road, in Singapore.

    Now I have a couple of problems

    I would like to study for a Phd
    the Phd will be by research, I have no idea how to fund it, being as poor as a church mouse I don’t worry about something I don’t have. That is not the problem

    The research will be on Henry Wade’s surgical car, (The world’s first MASH unit) comparing the car with the Australian Advance Surgical Units and also the standard British Army method of surgical treatment and evacuation of the wounded in Gallipoli and the Palestine Campaign.

    Some of the research will be based on contemporary works by people such as Dolev, as well as original material. On the Ground the route of Wade’s surgical car is easily followed, on the ground, up until the cars location at Christmas 1917, Basically it is Tyneside, Gallipoli, Cairo, Kantara, Jerusalem if anyone chooses to. with the border at Gaza normally easy to cross.

    so what is the problem?

    Well between the age of 5 and 18 I went to 18 different schools so my formal education is non existent, So I am looking for a mentor to help guide me through the process.

    second problem

    I am trying to form a charity called, Strangers No More, the aim of the charity is to put grave markers on the graves of civilians killed in 1WW, with the grave of Walter Moss being high on the list. need two people in Folkestone to Help

    That’s it

    Oh for fun publish a blog called
    Scarce heard among the guns. (Blogs about WW1) Von wordpress,

    and can be grumpy, direct and not diplomatic on the internet, I’m too old and ugly to be PC.


  3. National Children’s Football Alliance; Football & Peace successful in Lottery bid.
    The National Children’s Football Alliance (NCFA) has been awarded a £32,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards its Football and Peace Children’s Programme, which will use the iconic 1914 Christmas Day truce as a basis to explore the relationship between sport and the 1914-1918 conflict.
    Thanks to the Lottery grant, people of all ages across Kent, including pupils from Borden Grammar School, Herne Bay High School, Isle of Sheppey Academy, Swadelands School and High Weald Academy, will research the impact of the war on local communities and also explore the importance of recreation to soldiers.

    The project will culminate in a Celebration of Peace Day at Gallagher Stadium, home of Maidstone United FC, on Friday, April 25, 2014.
    Sports Minister, Hugh Robertson, will be attending the event and among the highlights of a packed programme are a series of matches facilitated by the British Army Football Association.
    All research and oral histories collated during the project, run in conjunction with Kent County Council Libraries, Registration and Archives and Maidstone Museum will be included on a new website and a documentary film produced.

    NCFA chairman James Lamont said: “We’re thrilled to be given this opportunity and extremely grateful to HLF for their support.

    “This project will enable young people to learn more about how their local communities were affected by the war and about how sport can help promote peace, as illustrated by the Christmas Day football game in the trenches in 1914.”

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