New project for Strangeface Mask Theatre gets support from NAM

Strangeface Mask Theatre Company, based in Southborough, work with communities nationally to make live art accessible for all. Since 2005 we have performed in shared places such as schools, libraries and village/memorial halls supported by local volunteers, Rural Touring Agencies, Arts Council and Kent County Council.

Our next theatre project is on the life of illusionist and pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès, most famous for his 1902 short “A Trip to the Moon”. Whilst researching we found part of Méliès’ studio was requisitioned during WWI to become a hospital. He retreated to the remaining area to stage revues! Touched by the connections with our work, the transformation of space for community purpose, we have designed participation project that links people by experiences though they might be miles apart.

National Army Museum have offered to support our project “Space Transformed”, enabling us to use their archives for research purposes. We will offer a free-to-access resource kit, supporting workshops and online shared space for findings. The kit will act as a catalyst for intergenerational groups to discover the history of their venue 100 years ago and the people who inhabited it. We will encourage use of the website to share stories, images and their experiences of hunting for local heritage.

For more information contact Bethan at or 01892 529813.


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