InfoAktiv – ‘Get your WW1 displays off to a flying start’

InfoAktivInfoAktiv’s World War 1 AppStore is now Live!

Thinking of creating interactive displays as part of your First World War exhibition/offer?  Take a look at what InfoAktiv have on offer:

            • The fastest and easiest way to create interactive displays.
            • Over 200 screens of ‘Ready-to-use’ information about the First World War are available already (see back page).
            • ‘Pick ’n’ mix’ what you need to build your own InfoAktiv displays then edit the content and appearance to make it your own.
            • A result of the AMOT/Heritage Branch/InfoAktiv collaborative project.

For more information, contact:

Trish Gillett

t)    +44-(0)-1730-320322 e) w)

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  1. […] Roll of Honour display of local men who fought in the First World War.  The hi-tech touch screen (from InfoAktiv) containing hundreds of records and images, is now on display at The Heritage Hub, as well as a […]

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