Presentation of ‘The First & The Last’ film, plus Q&A

For those of you who attended the First World War Update session in November 2013 at the Royal Engineers Museum, you will recall that Andrew Morgan from Dover Transport Museum presented the Belgium Tourist Office’s film, ‘The First & The Last’ to the group.

Andrew Morgan is working in conjunction with the Belgium Tourist Office on a range of their events, providing translation and other services.  His personal connection to Belgium is that his maternal grandmother was born in Liege in 1899 and witnessed the arrival in the City in 1914 of the German cavalry ‘les Uhlans’ and also the arrival of one of the ‘Big Bertha’ siege guns which were used to destroy most of the surrounding ring of fortifications. Following the occupation of the City and indeed the majority of the Kingdom of Belgium, she escaped to the UK with her elder sister via neutral Holland and worked in Glasgow as a nurse.   These memories she held clearly until she passed away many years later.

The First and The Last

Andrew is now offering his services free of charge (apart from travel expenses) to come to an event of your choice, and present the film, followed by a Q&A.  He is particularly keen to concentrate on what occurred in Belgium prior to and leading up to the British Declaration of war on August 4th 1914, and the first military engagements of the BEF at Mons later that month.

For those who would like to discuss further, please contact Andrew direct on


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