The Tower of London’s poppies find new homes

‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ at the Tower of London, created by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, marked the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.  The Tower’s dry moat was filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies – one for each British fatality during the war – from August to November 2014 to mark the Centenary.  Read more about the poppies on the website

The installation of the poppies started on 17th July and was carried out by hundreds of volunteers:

I have been following the story of this incredible installation from the beginning, watching in the media as the sea of poppies developed.   I visited the Tower in October last year and was amazed by the number of people gathered to see the work and hopefully we assume, show their respects.   All the poppies were sold to individuals across the world and started to be removed following Armistice Day.  There are many fantastic images of the poppies and their new owners on social media, (Twitter using hashtag #TowerPoppies), and I am very proud to be one of those people, having my received my poppy on Christmas eve, a poignantly timed reminder.


There has been lots of positive press about the work, but there has also been concerns along the way around where the money from the sale of the poppies would end up, with articles revealing that only a third of money will be going to charity.   There was also further negative press when the delivery company, Yodel, delivered broken poppies.

Did you visit ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ or purchase a poppy?  What are your thoughts on the debate over the funds raised as part of this project?






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