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Steering Group meeting – minutes

The Steering Group met on 10th October 2013 at the Royal Engineers Museum to discuss progress of the various working groups.

Read the full minutes here: FWW Steering Group – Minutes 10_10_2013

Marketing Working Group – minutes

The Marketing Working Group met on 17th September 2013 to discuss next steps.  The highlights from the meeting are:

It was agreed that “Frontline Kent” will be an umbrella brand for not only WWI but can encompass all commemorations around conflict during this period ie WWII 75th Anniversary.

The four year campaign will:


  • To maximise the opportunity and to raise the profile of Kent and its role as a frontline county
  • To bring attractions and destinations together to plan coordinated activities around Frontline Kent and the key anniversaries.
  • To promote these to visitors under a consistent “brand” from a central portal


  • To attract inbound visitors and visitor spend
  • To encourage repeat visitors


  • Single brand – Frontline Kent
  • Single portal / CTA

Target audience


  • Kent residents (editorial message needs to be different for residents)
  • London and 2 hour drive team
  • Near European


  • Volunteers (to assist with events)

Read the full minutes here: Frontline Kent Marketing Group – Minutes 17_09_13

Steering Group Minutes

Please find here the minutes from Friday’s steering group meeting fww steering group meeting July 5th



‘Frontline Kent & the Spitfire Coast’ and ‘FWW in Kent & Medway’ groups join forces

On Wednesday 22nd May, I attended the second meeting of ‘Frontline Kent and the Spitfire Coast’, a group that had come together around the same time as we held the big networking meeting in March.

The Frontline Kent group formed to look at all areas of Kent’s frontline and defense heritage, of which FWW plays an important part.  The group consists of members such as Visit Kent, Kent County Council, the KM Group, War & Peace Revival,  the Royal British Legion, to name a few.

It was a good meeting (read the minutes here) and there were very many cross-overs and similarities to the discussions we had in March.   I suggested that our two groups unite to form a ‘super group’.  This was agreed to by all members of Frontline Kent, and so I would like to welcome everyone to the new, bigger and better group, simply titled ‘Frontline Kent’ – its aim:

To share knowledge, information, skills and learning, and to capture and create a joint events calendar that displays all activities throughout 2014-19 (not just FWW commemorations).

Members of the Frontline Kent group will be joining the planned Steering Group meeting on 5th July to meet some of our members; this will be the fist joint meeting of the new combined group, and hopefully, the first of many useful partnerships.

Education Working Group – minutes

On Friday 10th May, many people from around Kent & Medway came together at Maidstone Museum for the first sub-working group for Education.

There are lots of exciting ideas and plans forming; to read the full minutes, click here.

Amber Cottee, Deputy Curator (Education & Events) from the Royal Engineers Museum, is leading this group.  If you would like to attend the next meeting (date TBC), please contact Amber on:

IWM Marketing Meeting

Just back from a very helpful meeting aboard HMS Belfast for the IWM Marketing Meeting. Lots of useful points to take away, I have written up some notes so feel free to read them here. Hope they make sense!

Main points to take away from the meeting:

  • Join Culture24 (if not already a member)
  • Add all WW1 Centenary events to your page here and ‘tag’ it First World War Celebrations
  • events listed on here will be distributed to the official IWM site, the Telegraph, Culture24, grans net, BBC and many more. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO THIS!! If you are having problems with the site, contact the people at Culture24 and they will help you through the process
  • Ensure information up to date on centenary partnership site
  • IWM will be putting lots of marketing help on the partnership extranet
  • It doesn’t matter what you call the First World War/WW1/The Great War but they suggest for social media purposes to use WW1 and for things linked to IWM partnership work use First World War
  • Remember as partners with IWM you can use the FWW logo – so use it!

Government/Country are officially commemorating the following:

  •  4th August 1914: War Declared
  • 25th April 2015: Gallipoli
  • 31 May 1 June 2016: Jutland
  • 1st July 2016: Somme
  • 2017: paschendale
  • 2018: Armistice day

Click here for the detailed notes: Iwm meeting at the Belfast

We also got given a list of contacts of various different people from around the country involved in WW1 commemorations – I won’t put this online for obvious reasons but feel free to get in contact if you want to find out more.

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Minutes from FWW Steering Group 1st Meeting

Hello all,

Please fine the link below to the minutes from the last Steering Group Meeting. Next Steering Group Friday 5th July 2pm at the Royal Engineers Museum

First Steering Group of FWW in Kent & Medway confirmed

At the FWW session on 15th March, it was decided by every person present, that there was a definite need and willingness to join up and do something across the county.  We discussed what we wanted to do and how we should move forward; and that was in the form of a Steering Group.

Potential members of the group have been approached and a time and place has been set!  The draft agenda is as follows:

1. ToR for group (to inc membership of steering group and set of required working groups, and the key purpose of the group etc)

2.  Working groups (discussion of various ideas/future plans/current projects etc)

– marketing/PR

– research

– education

3. Next steps for group

– Joint HLF project?  Who to lead?  How to start?

– Facebook and Twitter?  Part of HLF project or something we should do anyway?

– Shared calendar (not for public at this stage) and/or blog: – who to manage?

4. Keeping in touch

– who is going to keep the rest of the contact list informed of progress?  What do we want them to provide/support?

– meetings – do we meet phsically or just via email from now on unless otherwise required (this can be covered in the ToR discussion)

We are always on the look out for willing volunteers to become part of the group, so please contact if you are interested.  We will be keeping everyone on the FWW contacts list updated with plans and progress.