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The Kent in WW1 film “Echoes from the Kent Coast” is now available

This short film from award-winning director Nichola Bruce illustrates the world of hidden stories and connections that mark Kent and its people out as particularly important in the impact and legacy of the First World War.

Nichola Bruce, with long-term collaborator Sam Sharples, bring a taste of the stories from Coastal Kent in the First World War alive. Working closely with the Screen South Kent in WW1 research team, led by Darrienne Price, the film is supported by local people and their families who have allowed us to reflect on some very personal stories echoing down the century.

Local heritage groups and organisations have been very generous in opening up their archive and giving us their time to discuss the unique contribution played by Kent communities. We are also grateful to the Imperial War Museum for their support on archive moving image research and inclusion.

Screen South would like to thank all those involved in the making of this film, something which we are very proud of, and we hope that you too will enjoy and appreciate the film’s significance in telling the stories of Kent in WW1.  For more stories from WW1, visit the  http://kentww1.com/ website.


Great discussions had at the Imperial War Museum’s FWW ‘Lessons Learned’ Partnership Meeting

FWW_Centenary__Led_By_IWM_Red rgbOn the 23rd October 2014 IWM led a Partnership meeting at Chatham Historic Dockyard for members in the South East.

Presenters and participants were encouraged to critically reflect on their First World War Centenary projects so far and look forward into 2015 and beyond; pondering on things they would have changed with project or would have done differently, and discussing how projects are being evaluated.  Participants shared what they felt were their biggest challenges but also reflected on what their most successful outcomes or aspects of the project have been.

The key findings taken from the meeting can be downloaded by 1914 Partnership members through logging into the Centenary Partnership Programme website.

Lives of the First World War

Connect, Collaborate, Curate

Help the Imperial War Museum piece together the Life Stories of over 8 million men and women from across Britain and the Commonwealth who served in uniform and worked on the home front during the First World War.  The Lives of the First World War website provides each individual whose contribution to the First World War is recorded in official documents with  a personal Life Story page, where you can register your commitment to Remember them.

Information about each person and their wartime experiences can be connected to Life Stories by members of the public.

You can:

  • Link together evidence relating to the same person, using records from museums, libraries and archives across the world. Many of these have been brought together in one place for the first time by Lives of the First World War.
  • Add references to sources you have discovered elsewhere.
  • Upload digital images of your own precious family mementoes.
  • Include family stories and personal knowledge.
  • Group together individuals you are interested in by creating your own Community page.

As more and more people connect facts to Life Stories, we can begin to piece together each individual’s life story.

This short film tells why the IWM created Lives of the First World War and explains why they need your help to ensure those Life Stories are remembered forever. Read on below to learn more about the project and who is involved:

Then read on below to find out more about getting started with Lives of the First World War:

‘Frontline Kent’ Plans for commemorating the First World War Centenary in Kent are coming together

As many of you know, last March the Museum Development Programme in Kent & Medway held a First World War themed networking session (with a follow up held in November).

At the meeting, various working groups were established to help build a county-wide overview of various themes, including marketing, research, education and overall event co-ordination.

Progress has been made in each area:

FrontlineKent_LOGO_portraitFWW Marketing

Visit Kent lead the Marketing Working Group and since last summer, have been establishing the ‘public face’ of all our events and activities through their ‘Frontline Kent’ campaign.

They will soon be launching a dedicated website (www.frontlinekent.co.uk) which will hold a calendar of the events taking place across the county.  While this is in development, they have created holding pages at visitkent.co.uk/frontlinekent – find out what events are currently listed here.

To add your event, activity or exhibition, all you need to do is complete this form and return to Visit Kent. I have been co-ordinating discusssions with Visit Kent, Culture24, and the Imperial War Museum (IWM) to enable the sharing of these event details – this means, if you fill in Visit Kent’s form, your details will also get transfered to Culture24 and the IWM’s own databases under the ‘Frontline Kent’ banner.

All museums supplying details to Visit Kent will have access to the Frontline Kent logo for their own marketing materials. Please contact Lynnette Crisp (Lynnette.Crisp@visitkent.co.uk) to request a copy of the logo if you have’t already received it.

Journalist Lesley Bellew is keen to include a comprehensive 2014 diary of events in the KM’s upcoming World War One supplements. She will be using the list of events on Visit Kent’s website to gather information and will try to include as much as possible, but if you would like to flag something up to her directly, please email: lbellew@thekmgroup.co.uk.

FronlineKent_timelineFWW Research

The Research Working Group is being led by Rob Illingworth from KCC Libraries, Registration and Archives. Along with a Time2Give give volunteer, he has been compiling a timeline of all Kent & Medway related events that took place between 1914-24.

The information has been uploaded into an online timeline, which is accessible to all – you are encouraged to use and link to it on your own sites. It is a fantastic resource and Rob is keen to keep adding more information – therefore, if you have anything that you have been researching in your local area and would like to share, please get in touch with Rob directly at Robert.Illingworth@kent.gov.uk.

WW1_toolbox_websiteFWW Education

The Museum Develompent Programme has been in contact with the South East Grid for Learning Associates (SEGfLA) in relation to First World War education tools.

A resource that is being promoted to all schools in the South East is the First World War Toolbox developed by the SEGfLA. The website offers the visitor access to a vast range of Teaching & Learning resources (most of which are free) to research the period 1914-18 or to plan a enquiry based history project.

There are plans to support museums in the creation of resources that can be used in conjunction with the online toolbox, so watch this space…

Trinity College have put together some information about how Arts Award can be linked to creative projects inspired by the FWW. They will be producing further resources and would welcome suggestions of information that would help museums.

FWW Co-ordination

At the March meeting, a FWW in Kent & Medway Steering Group was set-up, with Professor Mark Connelly from the University of Kent as Chair, and myself acting as secretary and maintaining the links between all interested organisations (via our FWW blog and mailing list).

Since then, Professor Connelly has led a consortium bid for £500,000 to the Arts & Humanities Research Council to establish a Coordinating Centre at the University of Kent. If successful this will be one of between 5-7 regional hubs which will manage, in partnership with the HLF, community projects connected with the First World War centenary. The primary aims of the project are to build a dialogue between academic and public historical research, and to assist communities in exploring their heritage.

The Centres will operate in co-operation with other major project partners in the heritage sector such as museums and archives. This will be done by a range of activities including:

  • A website to coordinate and inform the Centre’s network
  • Open lectures, seminars and conferences on war-related subjects
  • Family history workshops
  • Tours of archives and relevant collections
  • Information events and open days
  • Self-tour guides to the battlefields and significant war-related locations
  • Visits to schools, colleges and community centres
  • Providing advice on further bids to the HLF

We are awating the final outcome of the bid – details will be shared asap as this will underpin and cross reference all the above work that we have already achieved.

Don’t forget to register with the Imperial War Museum


The First World War Centenary Partnership is a network of over 2,000 local, regional, national and international cultural and educational organisations led by IWM (Imperial War Museums).

Being a member of the Partnership gives each one of us a stronger collective voice, visibility through the First World War Centenary brand and website, access to a wealth of expertise and resources.

Call to Action: Share and update the Kent & Medway FWW timeline

Rob Illingworth, Service Development Librarian – Local History, from KCC Libraries, Registration and Archives,  and his team of volunteers have been busily researching the archives to find out what happened in Kent & Medway during the First World War.

View the abridged version of the timeline: Kent & Medway in the First World War Timeline- Abridged version

It is a fantastic resource, which museums, heritage groups, arts organisations, schools, and any other interested parties are free to use for their own purposes.  (Please note:  The entries in the international/national column are extracted from the Imperial War Museum First World War Timeline –  if you wish to publish any of the information included in this column, you must be a member of the IWM’s partnership programme.  Please contact extranet1914@iwm.org.uk to seek permission.)

View the full timeline: Kent & Medway in the First World War Timeline- Data Collection Version – at Nov 2013 (minus IWM data)

Can you add your local information?

We are now putting a call out to anyone who may have further, local information that they can contribute to the timeline.  All you need to do is add your entries to the template timeline below, referencing where you obtained the information, and return it to Rob Illingworth (Robert.Illingworth@kent.gov.uk).

Save a copy of the timeline template to add your own entries: Kent & Medway in the First World War Timeline- Template for entries- 2 example entries included

Successful networking at FWW in Kent & Medway update session

The Museum Development Programme for Kent & Medway held a successful First World War update session at the Royal Engineers Museum, Library & Archive on Monday 4th November.

The session was attended by over 50 people from various museums, heritage, and arts groups and organisations.  Speakers included the Shorncliffe Trust, the Western Front Association, the Kent Lieutenancy, the South East Grid for Learning Associates, the War Memorials Trust, Viola Films, the National Children’s Football Alliance, Kent County Council, Screen South, HLF and the Imperial War Museum.

It was a great opportunity to hear about the various plans and projects that are taking place in the county, and further afield – there is plenty going on and many ways for groups and organisations to get involved.

To see the notes of the session, click the link below.  Copies of the speaker’s presentations and other supporting information can be viewed below:

To keep in touch with others in Kent & Medway about the FWW, why not sign up to our GoogleGroup?

Don’t forget to sign up to the Imperial War Museum’s FWW Centenary Partnership Programme to gain access to a wealth of support and resources all free to use.

Kent connections to the Imperial War Museum uncovered

Rob Illingworth, Service Development Librarian – Local History, from KCC Libraries, Registration and Archives, has uncovered two figures with Kent & Medway connections, who were instrumental in the early story of the Imperial War Museum:

Martin Conway & his daughter Agnes Conway Horsfield.

Sir Martin Conway, the Museum’s first Director General, said that exhibits must “be vitalised by contributions expressive of the action, the experiences, the valour and the endurance of individuals”.

From 1917-1929, Agnes Conway worked on gathering materials representing women’s work in the First World War as a member of the Women at Work Committee of the newly established Imperial War Museum.

Martin Conway was born in Rochester.  Martin and his wife Katrina Conway bought and restored Allington Castle.  For further information, please take a look at the following links:







Agnes Conway was also involved in helping Belgian refugees who arrived at Ramsgate. The IWM Women, War and Society website has a pamphlet which she wrote with I R Y Marble  – “13 months’ work with Belgians” – which started in Oct 10th 1914, when she went to Ramsgate ‘under the auspices of the Wounded Allies Relief Committee, to help with the families of the first fifty Belgian wounded soldiers who were received in Britain.’

(Thanks to Kent library volunteer, Julia Booth, for identifying this information)

Lecture on war artist, Sir John Lavery, at the Historic Dockyard

IWM_ART_001257Sir John Lavery (1856 – 1941) – The Intrepid War Artist

22 October, 7.30pm

A lecture by Angela Weight, former Keeper of Art at the Imperial War Museum, and guest curator of From Shore to Sea: Paintings by Sir John Lavery, currently on display at the Historic Dockyard Chatham.

Sir John Lavery is best known today as a painter of society portraits and exotic landscapes. He was also one of the most prolific and hard-working official war artists of the First World War, yet this aspect of his career is relatively little known or appreciated. This talk will examine how Lavery’s choice of war subjects was influenced by his natural interest in modern life and current events.

When the First World War began, he quickly seized upon the new signs that the country was at war in paintings such as `The First Wounded at a London Hospital’. As an official war artist from July 1917, he took a roving brief to depict naval bases, shipyards, airfields and munitions factories in Scotland, the North East of England and the South Coast. His travels were often prompted by topical events, such as the arrival of a new airship at East Fortune, or the construction of a secret port in Kent. As one contemporary writer put it, Lavery drew out `the ground plan of the War, its base and structure – the Naval power, the intensity of mechanical production’, and, not least, the significant role that women played in this.

Date: 22 October
Time:  Lecture begins at 7:30pm (Gallery open from 6.30pm)
Cost: £10.00 (Entry to ‘From Shore to Sea’ exhibition included)

Please visit https://intrepidwarartist.eventbrite.com or call 01634 823852 to book.

Event sharing with Culture24 and the Imperial War Museum

Are you giving Culture24 all your event details?

Culture24 is collecting First World War Centenary events for IWM and the BBC. They’ve already got some great Centenary events on their website, such as Nottinghamshire’s excellent Trent to Trenches campaign.

If you’re planning events to mark the Centenary, input them into their Direct Data Entry (DDE) and they’ll do the rest.

Don’t forget to sign up to IWM Centenary Partnership, you must do so before Culture24 can publicise your First World War Centenary events. 

Why your event listings have the best chance of success – in their own words:

Culture24 has a reputation for having excellent quality listings. This is down to you. It’s why our partners, like the BBC want your data. Together we can raise the standard even further by adding more images, checking your venue details are correct and ensuring that you ‘tag’ events to their full extent. Why should you? It will improve your presence on our website and will enable us to approach even more potential partners.